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July 8, 2012
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:star: Welcome to our club! We accept fan art, fan comics, animated .gifs, stamps, and CSSes for any and all Transformers universes. It doesn't matter--G1, Armada, TFA, '07 movie--if you are the fan of any part of the TF franchise, you are in the right place. :star:

Contest Information


The Update
The three main reasons that submissions are denied (and there are in fact only these three) are because: the deviation is ONLY of a an Original Character; it was submitted to the Wrong Category; or it was made by someone not in the group and someone in the group is trying to submit it.

I am posting this journal to try and resolve the problem.

First off, we do not accept art of OCs. Let me say that again: WE DO. NOT. ACCEPT. ART OF OCS, ORIGINAL CHARACTERS,  OR FAN CHARACTERS

If there is NOT a CANON character present and featuring predominantly in the piece, it will not be accepted. When we say 'predominantly', it means that the Canon Character should be taking up at least a third of the image. (And by Primus, if I have to draw some examples, I will.)
If they are mindlessly swooning over an OC, IT DOES NOT COUNT. Because that is not only taking the focus from the CANON Character/s and putting it on some Mary Sue character, but is also a disregard for their canon personality and characterization. Writings rife with out-of-character actions will be removed.
Not sure if this applies to your fic? Find a beta-reader. Preferably someone who is unbiased (as in, not your best friend who gave you the idea for the fic), so that you can get a straight-up, honest opinion of whether or not you're keeping true to the characters.

Second, there seems to be some confusion as to what folders are for what. Allow me to give a more detailed explanation that the little folder blurbs:

Featured: This is where you will find the collection of current contest entries, and when the contest is over, the winning entry only.  This gallery is not normally open to regular members. Only mods (trulyquixotical and Chiixil-84) can edit the gallery. (This is why we ask that you label your contest entries, and to post something about the contest in the deviation's comment section.)

Autobot Fanart: This is for ART of the CANON AUTOBOTS. That means anything that is drawn, sketched, painted, sculpted or otherwise made by YOU and featuring Autobot characters (yes, this included the Autobot Insignia itself). This is also where things RELATED to Autobots goes, as in any fanart of the Ark (or any other Autobot Base), art of Sari, the Dinobots, and so forth. If the human character is by himself or herself, they would be better off going in the Misc Folder.

Autobot Fanfiction: This is for WRITTEN FANFICTION about Autobots. These can be stories that don't feature a spark that is not Autobot aligned, or there maybe a giant battle with the Decepticons in the middle of it, but it must focus on Autobot characters. OCs are allowed in fanfictions like this, but they can't be the main focus.

Decepticon Fanart: This is for ART of the DECEPTICONS. That means things involving Starscream or Megatron in robot form goes HERE, and not in the Autobot folder! If the character is a villain, but not allied with the Decepticons, it goes in the Misc. Folder. This is also for art of things related to the Decepticons, such as any Decepticon bases.

Decepticon Fanfiction: This is for WRITTEN FANFICTION about Decepticons. These stories can be about Decepticons and Decepticons only, or there can be a battle of epic proportions with the Autobots, as long as it focuses on Decepticon characters. OCs are allowed in fanfictions like this, but cannot be the main focus.

Beast Era Fanart: This is the folder for ART of anything related to Beast Wars or Beaste Machines. As long as it contains Maximals and/or Predacons, and/or Vehicons (and things related to them, such as their ships, or their bases, or the Vok or the protohumans), it goes here.

Humanized TFs: This is for ART of any canon character that normally is a robot drawn as a human. It doens't matter if it's a holoform, a doodle, an AU; if the character is canonically mechanical, and is depicted as a human for any reason, it goes here.

Misc Fanart: This is the folder of things that do not have a faction at all, or do not have a faction majority. That means it is for neutral humans (that have always been human) or objects (such as the All Spark), and art that contains both Deceptions and Autobots equally. This is also the place for things that are not do not have a specified folder such as CSS skins, blank memes, pixel doll bases, and art of things not containing characters (such as album covers).

Misc Fanfiction: This is for WRITTEN FANFICTION of Nonspecific Faction characters. As in, if it switches back and forth between Decepticons and Autobots every chapter, it would belong here. If it's a story from the prospective of the All Spark, it belongs here. If it's a story about Miles having a bad hair day at school, it belongs here. This is NOT the place for any kind of fanfic that features all OCs. There still must be canon characters, and they still must be involved more than just a passing mention.

Vehicles: This is for ACTUALLY EXISTING VEHICLES that are a character's Alt-Mode. Did you go to a convention and take a picture of the Bumblebee Camaro? It goes here. Took a picture of an ambulance that somehow looks exactly like G1 Ratchet's Alt Mode? It goes here. If you DRAW a picture of a Seeker flying about the skies, that would go into Decepticon Fanart.

Cosplay: This is for us regular humans dressed up as canon characters. This can be the designs for the costume, the pieces of the costume or the completed costume being worn by someone.

Toys: This is for pictures of official Transformers toys and action figures. Whether they're in box, posed, placed on a drawn background, or have text speech bubbles, if they exist in the physical world as collectible playthings, they go here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment. As always, if your submission is denied, you are free to ask for the reason, but please first double check if it was in wrong category, or if the image did not contain a canon character at all.

And another thing. If you're adding a deviation that's ONLY A LINK, it WILL BE DENIED.

If you have any of these things in our group, REMOVE THEM. PLEASE.

This is a group to share ideas and the love for CANNON characters. If you are trying to put any sort of advertisement for a story about OCs winning over the hearts of all Autobots/Decepticons or whatever, that is not what this group is meant for.

Please submit THAT sort of deviation into another group, because it is not welcomed here.

How To Join:

:bulletred: Click the button at the top of the user page that says 'Join Group'! Membership requests now must be approved by a mod, and we won't approve you until you've read the rules about submitting a Deviation and what the categories mean (i.e. this journal)
:bulletred: Link to us, and don't forget to ad us to you Devwatch list so you can stay updated!
:bulletred: It would also be appreciated (but is NOT required!) if you could add the following to your signature:  "I am (insert name), and I send this message to any remaining Transformers fans taking refuge among the deviations: We are here... we are waiting."  Credit to MewSilverFox

How To Submit A Deviation:

:bulletred: You must list if the piece is mech/mech, femme/femme, rated R/M, or contains excessive violence or gore. Please put the correct filter on such pieces.
We reserve the right to reject material too extreme since this club is meant to be all-users-friendly. It's nothing personal; we simply wish to protect younger members.
:bulletred: All types of deviations are accepted: fan art, fan comics, fan fiction, animated .gifs, stamps, CSS designs, etc.
:bulletred: OCs are allowed, but only in small roles. A cannon character must be present in and central to every deviation.
In reference to the above, that means every deviation. Just because there is a little Transformer character in the background does not make it count.

How To Affiliate With Us:

:bulletred: Just click the button for 'Affiliate' to send a request and we'll add it just as soon as we can! ;D
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Jazzo01 Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Read and understood, I do have only a few drawings at the moment, but once my exams are out of the way, I should be able to draw more regulation pieces
Lady-Dementa Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Professional Writer
Okie smokey, I have read this and I understand... most of my fanfiction is crossovers and TF characters are mentioned in more than just passing in each chapter.
realsteel197atom Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
okay i read it. does my deviations have any bad things that doesn't suit this group? I'm not good with rules and stuff :(
AmbiguouslyAwesome1 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's logical and will weed out the bad fan-fiction; I like this group already.
Chiixil-84 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :)
swampster12 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I got it now
SilvaWolf248 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, this is easy to understand. XD
Chiixil-84 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you think so. :)
Prowls-little-angle2 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
even an idiot, hell even my SIX AND SEVEAN YEAR OLD BROTHER/SISTER undertsand this perfectly. and I only changed words they did not understand.
"If they are swooning over an OC, IT DOES NOT COUNT. Because that is taking the focus from the CANON Character/s and putting it on some Mary Sue character." BLESS THAT TEXT! ^_^
Chiixil-84 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Trust me, it's been bothering the moderators as well as the members.
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